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81 MDG Health Expo October 2021

We Can Rise Above Cancer

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical Cancer Screenings saves lives!
  • Women younger than 21 years – No screening is recommended
  • Women aged 21-29 years – Cytology alone every 3 years
  • Women aged 30-65 – Human papillomavirus and Cytology co-testing (preferred) every 5 years. Cytology alone (acceptable) every 3 years.
  • Women older than  65 – No screening is necessary after adequate negative prior screening results
  • Women who underwent total hysterectomy – No screening is necessary

Breast Cancer Screening

Screenings are from the age 40 on every year. If you are experiencing any problems, see your primary care provider prior to making an appointment with mammography. Early detection can save lives!

Skin Cancer Screening

Prolonged sun exposure as well as family history of skin cancer increases the chances of skin cancer. Annual skin screenings are important to ensure that skin cancer that may be developing is not left untreated.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screenings are a very important part of your yearly check-up. Early detection of oral cancer can be a vital part of successfully managing and treating possible cases. Your doctor should be including us in your yearly exam, if you are unsure you can always ask a provider.

10th Annual Health Fair

10th Annual Health Fair: 1st Zombie Run

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